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"Verde verde" en 28ª Ljubljana GLBT Film Festival, Slovenia

    By Brane Mozetic

1.In all your life you did several jobs, you are journalist, professor, critic, actor, script writer, poet, prose writer, filmmaker… In which of these activities you enjoyed the most, which you prefer and how that you worked so many things…. was it one after the other or simultaniously…?

In each »job« I find a diferent  taste. Like  writer, actor, teaching, making films

 2.-I would like to know more about your literary work, I found that you got one literary prize when you were 20? What is the subject of your works?

              -In my 17 wrote a poem »ELEGIA DEL CONDENADO«  about the soul of homosexual adolescent. This spirit is in my first book : »7 cuentos para antes de un suicidio«  

      3.-Did you open the subject of homosexuality allready before in any of your work?

               -I think its present in all my life, in a certain way .

                 4-For Verde Verde you wrote also the script? About what you wanted to speak in this film?
                -I want think and  expose the diference betwen HATE and LOVE, in homofobic people. Like a esencial illnes of a machista society

                5- For me it's quite an old and tipical story, maybe timeless, about one man who is gay and another one who doesn't accept his gayness, his homosexuality – and so he become violent. But on the other hand is also a story about the nature of passion – that you always kill the object of your desire. What do you think?

              -Both ideas, simple and elemental,one, and at the same time its questioned your selve, each case, persons more or less inteligents, more or less open  to them selves. 

                6.- In whom you recognize yourself, in Alfredo or in Carlos?

             - I am always in each one, because for me the first thing is the social drama       

 7- Had the film Querelle any influence on this film?

              -I have not afraid to recognize influences. I like some much Fazbinder films. But I wrote screen play VERDE VERDE  before,  and I saw Querelle 5 years after. Theme, I took consciensly, details of Querelle. And ideas of Dogville¨s Von Trier, or Tarcovskis films. I not afraid of  human cultural heritage:  Thomas Mann; Oscar Wilde; Herman Hesse.

             8- What was the reaction in Cuba? And how free is now discussion about homosexuality in your country?

             - In 1989 I¨d  had could  not  imagin to make Verde Verde, nor in oficials levels, nor for any audience.

             Now I had not problems with screen play of VERDE VERDE at ificials  levels.

             I have not problems with the film whith a massive exhibitions. But in some burocratics midle class, we found secrets enemies, puting undergrounds dificults; masked homofobics .

9- Because I'm a publisher and I publish GLBT books is there any contemporary good literature with this subject (I know Arenas and Lima)?
-The great Virgilio Piñera.

10.- Did you have problems making this film, I think with production or censors?
 and of course you can add anything you want

            -I answerd in your 8 question.



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